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Nozzle Plates

The manufacturing of gummies and candies involve intricate systems that, once assembled, allow for the quick and efficient production of thousands of candies per hour. One of the most important components of this process is the nozzle plate. The nozzle plate distributes the mix of ingredients into the imprinted starch tray which forms the candies. Many nozzle plates have dozens, if not hundreds of nozzles that allow for automated production. 

Manufacturing these nozzle plates requires precision and accuracy to achieve the desired performance, and that is something that Davis Tool & Machine excels at. Several production technologies can be used to manufacture micro-fabricated metal nozzle plates, such as 3D printing, Laser Cutting, Micro Milling, Micro Punching, and Electroforming.

Davis Tool & Machine produces nozzle plates for both starchless and starch moguls. We have more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing and refurbishing depositor pumps and their components such as nozzle plates. Every nozzle plate is designed to maximize the use of the customer’s equipment. This is accomplished by understanding how the depositor functions in relation to the printed starch tray ensuring maximum quality and alignment.

Properly fabricated nozzle plates are essential in the production of jellied candies. Davis Tool & Machine has all the tools and expertise needed to service and build these intricate components. Our precise milling and turning capabilities produce the necessary parts, while our time-honored assembly and testing employs a meticulous and comprehensive checklist. This goes beyond routine checks. We guarantee the quality and reliability of each and every product we deliver. For more information on how Davis Tool & Machine can design or refurbish nozzle plates for your production line please contact us at