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Depositor Pumps

With over 20 years of experience in remanufacturing depositor pumps for starch mogul lines, our depositor pumps are the foundation of our success. Because of this, Davis is able to be flexible and creative in finding efficient, effective solutions for our clients every time.

Our expertise in depositor pumps also extends to a full line of support for starch mogul lines. This includes nozzle plates, die plates, hoppers, and any other custom engineered service parts. Just like the components we machine, our clients can depend on us every day to ensure the success of their confectionery operations.

IMH is a leading provider of both components for food industry machinery and a leader in refurbishing existing equipment. We provide quality components to original equipment manufacturers and our tool and die operators are capable of fabricating a variety of parts while refurbishing existing machines to like-new condition.

  • Our parts are made with only the highest quality materials such as 316 stainless steel.
  • All surfaces are CNC machined and finished with light hand polishing.
  • We specialize in both metal and plastic parts.
  • We offer complete refurbishment of depositor pumps and more.

Giving New Life to Depositor Pumps

At Davis Tool & Machine, our process of rebuilding and repairing depositor pumps is down to a science. All replacement parts, except for O-rings, are manufactured in our shop. We completely disassemble each pump and begin by thoroughly cleaning each part. We then determine which parts can be re-used before we CNC the wear surfaces on the pump body. Each surface is then finished by hand and polished with scotchbrite. New sleeves for each piston pump are made from Nickel Aluminum Bronze. The sleeves are then installed with new seals made from PEEK and Viton O-rings that are good up to 400 degrees.

Once the sleeves are made, Davis Tool & Machine then manufactures and custom fits a new valve-bar made of the appropriate material. All pistons are then cleaned and polished individually to make sure they are not worn or out of specification. If new pistons are needed they are manufactured in the shop out of 316 stainless steel. All pumps that are hollow for water or oil circulation are also pressure tested for leaks.

Additional Starch Mogul Parts Include:

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